Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Found My Pier School Class Pictures 1950-1959

I knew I would run across them sooner or later. They were in the house somewhere. I am a picture taker and picture saver. I have lots of old pics of my family from long ago and I also knew I had a number of Pier School class pictures around. While I was looking for something else the other day, I ran across my pictures that, thankfully, my mom had purchased and saved for so many years. I have had them a long, long time and was wanting to put them on this blog for anyone to see if they should stumble by someday. I know there is not too many folks from Pier looking at this blog yet, but someday maybe "they will come." So I post these pictures today in hopes that you might find yourself in one or more of them. Such fond memories I have, and although there are a few kids I don't remember names for, I do remember most of them. DO YOU!
PS. If you have anything to contribute, please contact me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pier School Bud Princess-1951

Hey, guess what? I was the Bud Princess for Pier School in 1951, for the Berrien County Blossom Festival. All the schools chose a Bud Prince and Princess and the High Schools chose Blossom Queens. One girl was chosen to be the overall Blossom Queen and all the little Buds road in a float or car for their school. My prince was Darrell Fikes. It was a fun experience, even though I was kind of young to know too much of what was going on. To this day I think of it as an honor. I guess it is about as close to being famous as I will every get in this life. Here is a picture of me in my dress that my mom made for me.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who Am I?

Well, I am Carol Meader. I attended Pier School from 1950 to 1959, kindergarten through eighth grade. When I started school we were all crammed into the old building as the newer building was in the process of being finished. I believe that the next year when I was in the first grade that most of the children had been moved into the new buildings and our class was still being taught in the older one room school by Mrs. Maines. This was the beginning of my time at Pier School. Many fond memories are still in my mind as I think and ponder upon those days. The fifties were about as ideal as any time in history to be brought up and to attend public school. My family lived just north of Pier School on Hagar Shore Road as it meandered back and forth over US 31. We rode the school bus to school with our neighborhood school mates. I especially remember the Westfalls, our neighbors. Nancy, Judy and Robert lived just below us and we shared a bus stop by our mailbox on Hagar Shore Road, in front of our house. We rode the bus in rain, sunshine or snow. My grandkids here in North Carolina are amazed that we still went to school when it snowed, as their school is called off at the first sign of a snowflake. I also remember being rushed to the bus at school when a tornado warning would pop up. It was kind of scary for a little girl, but we never had a tornado at our school or anywhere near our home. I hope that this little blog will be of service to those who are also interested in sharing their memories of Pier School and the fifties. An ideal time in history to live, especially as a little child growing up. Contact me if you would like to contribute your memories or pictures to this site. ldsmommyof12@msn.com